Episode 13: Contagion

Ray Antonelli, a medical and public health student at the University of North Carolina, joins us on the show to discuss the 2011 Steven Soderbergh film Contagion. We talk about the movies accuracy in portraying epidemics, the real-life vaccine development process, antibiotic resistance, and where the next terrifying epidemic might come from. Listen here or … Continue reading Episode 13: Contagion

What Wonder Woman Gets Right About Saving the Earth

As I left the theater the other night after seeing Wonder Woman, my thoughts kept landing on how Diana's story was an excellent allegory for a conflict I see play out frequently in the environmental movement. Perhaps now you're thinking, Really, you're trying to link a superhero movie set during World War I with environmentalism? Sounds … Continue reading What Wonder Woman Gets Right About Saving the Earth

Episode 10: Erin Brockovich

With the recent resignation of Mustafa Ali, head of the environmental justice program at the EPA, and the Trump administration's proposed budget cuts to the regulatory agency, the importance of environmental justice is in dire need of some attention. So in this week's episode, we return to one of the earliest big successes for environmental justice- … Continue reading Episode 10: Erin Brockovich

Episode 9: The China Syndrome

What is it about Seventies movies with the word China in the title? Much like Chinatown, we loved the gritty suspense of The China Syndrome and definitely recommend watching it before listening to our episode here (but if you haven't gotten around to it, we try not to spoil too much). The China Syndrome, starring Jane Fonda, … Continue reading Episode 9: The China Syndrome

Ebooks, Romance, and the Evolution of Smut

My first romance novel was “The Heart of Devin MacKade.” Written by the First Lady of Romance, Mrs. Nora Roberts herself, the novel was sitting unassumingly on the bottom shelf of one of my grandmother’s many book cases when I stumbled across it. As is often the case with contemporary romance novels, there were no … Continue reading Ebooks, Romance, and the Evolution of Smut