About the Carbon Neutral Crew

Jordan Tony

Recycling and Sustainable Agriculture

aaeaaqaaaaaaaazwaaaajgmzyzmyy2m0ltcyyzqtngi4my1injczlwuzmwflogrmotq3maJordan Tony is an avid fisherman, birder, hiker and vegetable gardener. He has been fascinated by wildlife since he was a child exploring the slivers of the natural world remaining in coastal New Jersey (You say capped landfill; He says perfect sledding hill). Jordan studied biology and environmental studies at UNC Chapel Hill where his fascination with nature budded into a love of science and research. After graduating he worked at a sustainable agriculture research station for a year before beginning his current position as a sustainability consultant in the plastic recycling industry at More Recycling.


Silvan Goddin 

Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture
Photo credit Natalie Roush

When Silvan Goddin was seven years old, she founded a club named “Nature Freaks for Free,” which aptly captures her consistent obsession with the outdoors. In 2014 she graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a degree in Biology, where she continued to work for two years in a lab studying how insects adapt to climate change, specifically the delightfully grotesque tobacco hornworm. After that she pursued her love of growing things by co-founding and running a small organic vegetable farm with her partner, Jordan. When Silvan’s not struggling to write the novel dancing around in her head she loves reading, hiking, cooking vegetarian feasts, and watching British mystery shows.


Emily Auerbach

Global Food Systems and Sustainability

3de8d3eEmily Auerbach is a lifelong environmentalist, insect enthusiast, and chocolate lover. At the World Cocoa Foundation, Emily promotes a sustainable chocolate sector and spends her days saying phrases like “the chocolate, cocoa, and confectionery sector.” Before joining WCF, Emily trained as an ecologist and promoted sustainable agriculture programs. In previous jobs, Emily has measured insect larvae head capsule sizes in Iceland, established edible landscapes on college campuses, studied frosty pod rot in Ecuadorian cocoa trees, and performed an assortment of additional environmental odd jobs. Emily received a BS in environmental science and geography at UNC-Chapel Hill in 2015. Contact Emily if you have any questions about chocolate, Galapagos pinniped mating habits, or duck butchering. Her views are her own and do not represent the World Cocoa Foundation.


Stephanie O’Daly

Marine Biology

steffi_odaly_headshotStephanie O’Daly is an avid climber, hiker, and diver. She studied Environmental Science and Marine Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Stephanie has worked on a variety of research projects ranging from marine microbes and their role in breaking down organic matter to the environmental implications of offshore underwater current turbines in the Gulf Stream as well as monitoring impacts of boat strikes and disease on sea turtles in the Galapagos Archipelago. In her down time she enjoys snuggling with her two fuzzy tabby cats.


Holly Roberts


hollyHolly Roberts grew up romping around several acres of arroyos and dessert in New Mexico, and has loved to get dirty ever since. She graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Environmental Studies, and is now working towards her master’s degree at the university’s School of Media and Journalism. She took part in research on the Outer Banks, studying the effects and perceptions of oyster farming. She has worked with non-profits to raise money, where she discovered her strength in communicating with people. Changing lanes at the moment, she is working on a research project about women’s experiences in political tech and communications.