Episode 14: Into the Wild

Chris McCandless: you may love him, you may hate him, but you can’t deny that he has a compelling story. We dig into it with amateur forager and avid environmentalist Brian Godfrey in this week’s Carbon Neutral episode. We discuss some of the controversy over Chris’s death, pros and cons of foraging for food, and some of our ideas on connecting with nature without putting your life at unnecessary risk. Jordan also tells us about his personal week of only eating foraged food. To learn more about his experience, check out his blog post here. As always, you can listen to the full episode wherever podcasts are found, or on our website here.

Updates from the Field:

Brian cues us into the dropping prices of electric vehicles and strong forcast for electric vehicle adoption as published by Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

Emily dishes on the merger of two of the largest certifiers of “sustainable cocoa,” Rainforest Alliance and UTZ as well as the merging of regulatory bodies in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire to respond to the cocoa price crisis that we’ve been following for the past few months.

Jordan shares an exciting update from the recycling world. Integrico Composites Inc. which manufactures railroad ties out of low grade recycled plastic is adding a second processing line which will double their production.

Steffi tells us about the Ocean Health Index, a new global standard for monitoring local and global ocean health. Countries that are creating new marine protected areas or working to improve wild-caught fisheries have seen notable improvement in ocean health, while countries experiencing political instability or sea-ice loss have seen notable declines in ocean health.

What’s Giving Us Hope for the Earth this Week?

Brian is excited about a new world heritage site at Los Alerces National Park, in Patagonia.

Steffi tells us about a new method for dealing with oil spills. Scientists using cellulose, which absorbs the oil and converts it into a solid state, which allows it to be scooped up.

Silvan is excited about new policies in Minnesota encouraging young people to farmer. They give a tax incentive to older retiring farmers to sell or lease their land and equipment to younger farmers.

Emily shares a personal story about one of our listeners, Alex Keller! He created a business plan for recycling plastic asthma inhalers and won second place at his conference! We are in no way sharing this story because he is Emily’s brother-in-law.


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