Latest Episodes

Episode 16: Promised Land

promisedland620We’re back and we’re ready to frack! Or rather, ready to dive deep with environmental organizer Jasmine Ruddy to discuss hydraulic fracturing, the economics of energy, and how industry players manipulate the public, as portrayed in the 2012 drama Promised Land. Plus, we try to stump our guest (and ourselves) with a trivia quiz based on the latest environmental news.

Episode 15: A Plastic Ocean

plastic oceanPlastic recycling consultant Jordan Tony and marine science graduate student Stephanie O’Daly drop some knowledge on us as we talk about the 2016 documentary A Plastic Ocean, bust some myths about plastic waste in our water, and discuss possible solutions.

Episode 14: Into the Wild

into-the-wild-cover-2Amateur forager and environmentalist extraordinaire Brian Godfrey stops by to talk with us about Chris McCandless’s journey in Into the Wild, what not to do when foraging, and how to bring a little wildness back into your hectic modern life.

Episode 13: Contagion


Medical and Public Health student Ray Antonelli joins us to talk about the 2011 thriller Contagion, antibiotic resistance, and why epidemics are so darn scary on their own, no zombies needed.

Episode 12: The Big Year

BIG-jumboAvid birder Tait Chandler stops by to talk about the movie The Big Year, geek out over his love of birding with Jordan (who also has the birding bug), and tell us how this fun hobby is at the forefront of a new way of doing science.


Episode 11: Mad Max Fury Road

mad maxOur friend Alex Brown returns to help us discuss gender disparities in the development sector, the effects of resource depletion, and the depiction of ecofeminism in the amazing 2015 action movie Mad Max: Fury Road.


Episode 10: Erin Brockovich

Erin_Brockovich_(film_poster)Law student and environmental justice advocate Shannon O’Neil walks us through the legal framework of the delightful 2000 movie Erin Brockovich, plus the science behind the movie, how lawyers can help save the Earth, and why the fight for environmental justice is so important.

Episode 9: The China Syndrome
china syndrome

Energy policy analyst Spencer Nelson joins us to discuss the 1979 thriller The China Syndrome, advancements in nuclear technology, and the role of nuclear power in a sustainable energy future.

Episode 8: Black Hills

6b9bbf2c-6696-4b16-8cda-e8e968374551img400In which Emily finally gets us to read a romance novel, but promises that the rugged South Dakota setting, environmental themes, and inclusion of apex predators (and a serial killer!) will keep us hooked.


Episode 7: The Day After Tomorrow

dayafterSpecial guest Mari Wadsworth, remote director of Monteverde FM, joins us to  talk about Costa Rica’s sustainability successes, plus we discuss the facts and fiction of climatology, monster ice storms, and climate refugees as portrayed in 2004 disaster film The Day After Tomorrow.


Episode 6: Jurassic Park

jurassic-park-still2Special guest evolutionary biologist Bradley Allf joins us to talk about beloved sci-fi adventure film Jurassic Park’s scientific chops, misconceptions of genetic engineering, and the debate over bringing back extinct species.

Episode 5: Avatar

neytiri Join us as we dive deep with special guest Rodrigo Otarola y Bentin into the 2009 blockbuster’s environmental themes, their relevance to the struggles of indigenous peoples, and whether a Hollywood movie can adequately critique American consumerism.

Episode 4: Chinatown

We discuss water rights issues, urban-rural tensions, and the real life Los Angeles water wars that inspired this classic noir film. Emily and Stephanie give us the dirty (dusty?) details on the contemporary California drought.

Episode 3: The Vanishing of The Bees

bee-pollenSpecial guest biologist John Powers walks us through all things pollination as we discuss colony collapse disorder, the state of modern agriculture, and why accurate science journalism is so crucial.

Episode 2: Cane Toads: The Conquest


Special guest ecologist Alex Brown joins us to talk about conservation biology, the fragility of ecosystems, and how human-introduced species can have invasive and devastating results, even if they come in cute toady packages.


Episode 1: Soylent Green

soylent_greenIn this episode we talk about overpopulation, government corruption, and recycling. And a couple of the hosts discover they’re a little more comfortable with cannibalism than they thought…